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GHIM Hydraulics Srl based on many years of experience collected in the study and implementation of applications that require the use of a hand pump has developed a new series of high efficiency pumps can meet the needs of our customers most qualified . The pump series “AL” ” GH ” and ” GW ” described here were created by combining the experience gained : Requests detected in the course of the study of market needs ; solid modeling and finite element verification ; the study of a modern design ; new processing technologies ; the choice and combination of materials so as to obtain a manufactured highly reliable and durable.

These high quality pumps , thanks to the technological and design solutions adopted and thanks to the innovative features that characterize and differentiate with respect to existing products on the market have been ” PATENTED “.

Pumps GHIM identify essentially based on the following basic parameters:

  • – Simple Flow Pumps “SA” ( Single Acting ) or Double Flow “DA” ( Double Acting )
  • – Pumps for Single Acting Cylinders “SE” or cylinder Double Acting “DE” or Distributors mounted at a distance ” DST”
  • – Flangeable to tank ” FLG ” or in-line mounting type ” LNA ” and connected to the tank through a suction tube.

Double Flow “DA” – Simple Flow “SA”

Double Flow “DA” ( Double Acting ) indicates that the pump oil flow under pressure when the lever moves both upwards (round – stem from the pump housing ) and down ( return – the stem is part of the body pump).
Single Flow “SA” ( Single Acting ) indicates that the pump flow rate of pressure oil only when the lever moves downward (return – the stem part of the pump body ) , while when the lever moves upwards ( gone – the stem from the pump housing ) aspires only oil from the tank.

Simple Effect “SE” or Double Effect “DE” or Distributors for “DST”

The pumps “SE” for Single Acting cylinders are equipped with oil drain tap for commissioning
The pumps “DE” Double Acting Cylinders are equipped with dispenser lever spool valve 4/2 transition with closed center . to reverse the direction of oil output from the pump
Pumps for “DST ” have a direct output of the pump to the distributor or manifold

Flangeable to tank “FLG ” or mounted in-line “LNA”

The pumps ” HPM ” are mounted at a distance from the tank that is in ” LINE ” . All other pumps are flanged directly to the tank

The production GHIM hand pumps includes models with pumped single-acting or double-acting in various engine sizes and in various configurations: for emergency , for mounting on the tank with tap unloading , with reverse flow and pressure relief valve . We produce hand pumps with and without tank version in the following :

  • – Version “STANDARD” suitable for normal applications
  • – Version “MARINE” suitable for aggressive environments , components made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum,
  • – Version “FROST” for low temperatures;
  • – Version “WITON” suitable for high temperatures.

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